Lough Devnaree Crown Principality of Insulae Draconis Kingdom of Drachenwald

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Heavy Fighting
Bellatrix Fighting School
Cariadoc's Miscellany: Closed Form Heater
vita porten (The White Gate)

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The Armour Archive
Ice Falcon
Forth Armoury

Leon Paul Equipment Co. Ltd
Triplette Competition Arms
James the Just
Darkwood Armory

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SCA Archery Homepage
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IKAC (Inter Kingdom Archery Competition)
Midrealm Winter Archery Challenge

Archery History and Information
The Mary Rose
Archery History
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International Horn Bow Society
International Bamboo Arrow Society
Primitive Archer Magazine
Kyudo.Com - The Kyudo Host Site

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Quicks, the Archery Specialists
Chiltern Archery Online
Merlin Bows
Horsebows - The Traditional Archery and Bows of Mongolia, Turkey and the Magyar People
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Ten-Ring Archery
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