Eplaheimr Lough Devnaree Crown Principality of Insulae Draconis Kingdom of Drachenwald
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is a SCA shire covering the Midlands (Offaly, Laois & North Tipperary) part of Lough Devnaree (Ireland) in the Principality of Insulae Draconis. We are mostly centred around Shinrone, Co. Offaly and its surrounding areas but open to everyone in our catchment areas.

Our Shire includes a college branch - The College of King's Lake.
This covers the Athlone Institute of Technology, Co. Westmeath.
For details on King's Lake, click here

Eplaheimr is a part of the Society for Creative Anachronism(SCA), an international historical selective recreation group covering history up to 1600 A.D. For more detailed description of the Society, please visit the Society's website

If you are interested in the SCA and are in our catchment area click on the Officers link at the side of the screen for details on how to get in contact with someone from Eplaheimr. For information on our activities, click here

If you want information about buying an SCA membership, then please follow this link
For an Event Steward's guide to running events in Shinrone, click here.